The Production site of ¨Les Avivés de L`est¨

There is an extremely precise production cycle concerning the conception and the realization of the totality of our products.
These phases are divided into five distinct steps:
  • The log yard
  • The sawmill
  • The cut to dimension workshop
  • The kiln drying workshop
  • Expedition

The log yard

Découpe des grumes Acheminement des grumes
Our log yard has a turnover of approximately 12000m3 of hard wood logs, which come, mainly, from the Franche-Comté forests, guaranteed sustainable forests (PEFC).

Once the logs have been unloaded onto a concrete surface, a technician cuts them according to quality and length, with a round wood sorting and transporting car (B.Z.) which also supplies the debarking machine.

The sawmill

Debarked logs are automatically measured on entering the sawmill, and dispatched by a conveyor belt to a log saw which produces lumber of different thicknesses and grades.
The boards are either conditioned into boules or selected boards in bundles, and are stored on anti-stain P.V.C. sticks in our warehouses before kiln drying.

The cut to dimension workshop

This workshop enables the production of cut to dimension stock or square edged lumber, produced after kiln drying, thanks to the latest automatic optimizing machines.
Rip saw (multi-blade circular saw) and cross cut saw (dimter opticut).

The kiln drying workshop

A wood waste boiler (bark and chips) supplies eight hot air kiln dryers, and one vacuum kiln dryer, as well as a steaming room.
The kiln dryers are located inside a building of 3000m2, allowing the storage of kiln dried lumber at 10%+/-2 without the risk of any future humidity.
Vue extérieure du séchoir


We hire taut liner trucks, and load our products for regional, national and European deliveries. For overseas shipping, we are containers.